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This is a system that identifies density and hardness for polyether foams, and density and cell count for polyester foams. All Joyce foam grades have density and hardness assigned by the Australian Standards. Australian Standard AS2281-1993 is a foam classification system based on applications for light, normal or heavy-duty foams. These classifications are a general guide only. They are used in testing foam grades to ensure they conform to the Australian Standard requirements.


This refers to the weight of foam per cubic metre. This is the most important measure when looking at foam quality. The denser the foam, the more foam per cubic metre for comfort and support. The first number in the foam grade represents the density. For example, Ultimate Comfort HR32-130 CM5 foam density is 32kg/m3 which is a highdensity foam.


This is a measure of how the foam feels, not a measure of quality. For example, Ultimate Comfort HR32-110CM5, has a nominal hardness of 110 Newtons, when tested to Australian Standard AS2282


This is the ratio of forces required to compress the foam to 65% and 25% of its original height Quality foam for seating applications will have an indentation or comfort factor of at least 2.0.


This gives a measure of the bounce or spring of the foam grade. The higher the resilience percentage, the better the foam. Resilience of 40% or higher indicates good recovery. All Ultimate Comfort foams have a resilience of 45% or higher


Joyce Foam Products has been certified under the GECA 28-2010 v 2.1 Furniture, Fittings and Foam and awarded the Australian Good Environmental Choice Ecolabel, Licence No. JOY-2013. The Good Environmental Choice label is only awarded to products which have the highest level of environmental preference, quality and fitness for purpose and which represent the leading environmentally preferable options in the marketplace. The Joyce Foam Products range of certified foams have undergone rigorous and thorough assessment by GECA and found that throughout their life-cycles, each product complied with every element of the GECA standard.